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Happy Children

Our Creche

A wellness centred creche, offering flexible childcare, with an emphasis on family, community and sustainability opened 22.02.22.


At My Time Wellness, the setting benefits from elements of both a Montessori and Curiosity approach. These elements are echoed in both the environment and curriculum, where child well-being is at the centre of all education and development. 

Outdoor Play

My Time Wellness Creche has been designed by sisters Natasha and Alex, with Family and Community Well-being in mind. We understand the busy life style parents and carers have and the struggle to find adaptable, high quality childcare without being tied into a fixed contract. 

With over 25 years experience in the childcare sector and highly qualified in Business and Education, we decided to turn our idea into reality and provide the unique service we believe is desperately needed. We have combined our extensive experience and passion to create a unique and tranquil family friendly space. Once registered for our service, you can simply book in for as little as one hour and up to four hours, as and when you need. You can check our availability on the day via our booking page or call or email us. You are not tied into a permanent contract and can use our services when it is convenient for you.

Outdoor Tuff Trays

My Time Wellness offers a flexible, high quality childcare service for busy families and parents. The flexibility of our booking system, allows parents to book their child/ren into our high quality creche whilst they work, shop, attend an appointment or simply enjoy some 'me-time'! Our creche is tailored towards child wellness; with dedicated areas and activities within our creche focused on well-being and development, such as; emotional literacy, self-regulation, yoga, music, stretching, breathing and mindfulness to mention a few.

As an added benefit for business families, the centre will comprise of a well-being eco-friendly store offering locally sourced, natural and handmade products with a focus on sustainability.

Our setting does not use single-use plastic toys or resources, we have a unique range of handmade wooden learning tools, which are also available to purchase in our store, along side many other high quality handmade goods.

With our emphasis on whole child well-being, we used important frameworks and our extensive knowledge and experience to devise a unique wellness tailored curriculum. 

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